Our unique home design process

At Modern Rustic, our passionate team will be there with you every step of the way, from pre-purchase and design, to the final build and interior design stages.

The best start to any engagement is to simply give us a call. We are always keen to talk about potential projects, and this will give you an opportunity to get a feel for us.

Pre-Purchase Land and/or Dwelling Assessments

We can visit your potential purchase and assess the viability of any proposed project. Our expertise and experience enables us to readily recognise whether proposed ideas are financially feasible and any additional issues or aspects that may consume your budget. We will work together to find solutions and bring your ideas to fruition. Any future contract signed with us will absorb the costs of this initial assessment.


Design and Build

Whether planning a remodel or a new build, we can work from plans provided, or we can engage in the design process from the beginning.

Have working plans already?

After an initial chat, we will arrange to meet you on site to talk through your requirements and look over both project and plans. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know us personally. Building doesn’t have to be scary, and choosing a builder that you trust and who understands your vision is key to a stress-free, enjoyable build. We will provide a comprehensive quote from the plans, and when you’re happy, the contract is signed and your build begins.

Need help designing?


We will first visit your block with you and discuss your requirements, the concept, and feel you are looking to achieve. Following, we will create a 2 dimensional plan and a mood board to represent style and feel. Thereafter, a preliminary contract will cover the costs of creating the engineered plans, requisite soil tests and approvals. Once complete, we will provide a formal quote based on the plans and a contract to begin construction —  the easiest step following all of this meticulous planning!

Interior Design

As part of our standard services, we will sit down with you for a couple of hours and assist in completing forms and answering the questions necessary to any new builds.

Unsure where to begin altogether? You can employ our services to make such selections with you, joining you on the hunt, for example, for the perfect tiles for your backsplash, or to find that bespoke piece from our favorite salvage locations, or to simply put you in touch with local craftsman to design a one-off item.

Alternatively, having secured an understanding of your vision and style, we can handle the entire process from start to finish on your behalf. Whether it is a single day, or a few weeks, we can assess your needs and suggest a schedule that suits you.