Inspiring Nature – The trip of a lifetime

When we decided it was time to move back home to Cairns to be near family and escape the ‘big smoke’, Piet said “lets drive over the top”. I’m not really sure what I expected (we’re not big campers in the UK), but 7 weeks in a tray back ute, with a dog the size of a horse, a tinny and a swag turned out to be the most incredible and inspiring adventure of my life (so far!)

Piet and I are ‘country folk’ really, our souls are enriched by the beauty of the outdoors and being amongst the simplicity of nature. We can spend hours fascinated by the twists in trees, the shapes of rocks and the rich hues of skies, nothing does pattern and, texture and colour like mother nature. This beautiful part of the world inspires us every day and that is reflected in our personal style and our projects.