Hempcrete Eco House

Client Brief: To create an environmentally conscious, off-grid home and have the flexibility to have involvement and complete some of the finishes themselves.

Hempcrete house is one of our favourite projects, combining fantastic clients, a stunning country location, natural products, different building techniques, and an environmental ethos that we really connect with. This house is all about warmth and soul, about textures, and nestling in its surroundings with the use of natural materials.


Reclaimed timbers, venetian plaster walls, polished plaster bench tops, concrete shower floors and lime rendered hempcrete walls create a seamless ‘feel’ throughout this home.


The Hempcrete finish not only creates a beautiful ‘earthy’ look, but has fantastic thermal properties, meaning that with the wood burning stove in winter, or windows open in summer, heating and cooling is all taken care of with no need for air conditioners. The incorporation of solar, a composting toilet, bore and rain water, means that this home has a low environmental impact, and low running costs.


We certainly can’t take credit for all the beauty of this home, as our clients did an incredible job with some of the finishes, their dedication to their vision and to learning techniques and completing them, was inspiring, and they really achieved a one-of-a-kind beautiful home.