A simple guide to the perfect home office.

A simple guide to the perfect home office.


Have you found yourself working from home?
Setting up your home office can be an adjustment, so it is worth taking the time to set yourself up in a space your feel calm and comfortable.
We have some Modern Rustics tips and tricks to make your home office as productive as possible.

Dedicated desk space

Having an association with a quiet, uninterrupted place in your home is critical for productivity. Your new desk should feel like a workspace and be setup accordingly, there is nothing worse that getting in the zone and then having to break your focus to find a charger, or a pen.
Take the time to set up your desk with everything ready to go so you can produce the best work possible.

Pretend you are at the office

This means getting up and getting dressed as you would going to work (there is always room for a pyjama themed casual Friday, but let’s not make it a daily habit).
Setting up your day as if you were in the office, map out your lunch breaks, book in your meetings and touching base with colleges regularly to assimilate a normal working environment.

Cut the clutter

This applies not only to your desktop, but the room in which you are working in. Rid your immediate workspace of anything unrelated to projects you're currently working on, having a clean, tidy space allows your brain to focus on what is important.

Think vertical

A desk is a horizontal surface, but there's a lot of vertical space above and below it. You can use this to store things that don’t need to be directly in your line of sight. If you find yourself working from home, it is worth spending a little bit of money to buy some clever storage and filing systems to support your new home office. You may even be able to charge it back to your company!

Let there be light!

It's no secret that light affects our emotional state, mental health and overall well-being. Keep this in mind as you set up your workspace – keep the blinds open and position your desk strategically.
If you are working during the day, monitor where the sun hits your desk at all times of day to avoid having to change where you sit throughout the day. If you don’t have the luxury of natural light, then make sure you have a lamp setup. Warmer and natural coloured lighting is more calming, where cool light can be a little harsh. Read the packaging on your light bulb to guide your choice.

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