Dare To Be Different

Dare To Be Different

Shopping for tiles the other day for an upcoming project, I found myself swooning over a deep blue glazed hexagonal tile that I’ve been eyeing for ages.

Talking with the lovely staff, I was informed – much to my dismay – that the tile is being discontinued due to lack of sales.

My shocked expression led to further explanation: “Do you know how many people walk in and adore those tiles, yet end up selecting a plain white square tile because they’re scared to be different; or their builder advised against it; or they can’t find a tiler that doesn’t exponentially increase the job cost as soon as they hear the word hexagonal ?”

Which got me thinking: we live in an image and resource rich age, constantly exposed to trends and possibilities.  We can watch several interior design shows a week, the popularity of which is being increasingly driven by the desire to Do It Ourselves.

Yet, despite the world being at our fingertips … we’re still reaching for the safety of plain white square tiles?

Admittedly, change can take a little adventurousness to embrace – particularly in regional areas that are perhaps not as readily exposed to variety.

However, choosing a coloured tile or painting walls a colour other than white really isn’t a terrifying nor a foolish decision that will de-value your home.

We spend time and money expressing who we are through our clothes … so why not through our home and the space we permanently inhabit?

Where unsure, ask a professional.  Professional guidance inspires confidence and should build upon a home owners’ ideas, lending support and professional knowledge, and assistance in realising one’s own vision.

The degree of professional design support also varies from simple consultation and advice; a collaborative hands-on, joint selection process; right through to handling the entire process on your behalf — once your style and vision are both thoroughly understood.

Personal preference and expression can be daunting – though it shouldn’t be, when in the sanctity of the spaces in which we live.

Dare to be different.

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