Achieving the right ‘feel’ – Our big day

Achieving the right ‘feel’ – Our big day

Piet and I got married this year in the place we now call home, here in Cairns. But I was set with the task of buying and creating everything for the big day in Perth, having only been to the location of the big day once (and I the time we weren’t even engaged!). Piet had grown up there, so I knew I had to create a ‘feel’ that reflected us (which is why we did it all ourselves rather than hiring everything), and sat cohesively in the amazing beauty of the environment we were going to be in. We even did the flowers and my dress ourselves, with the help of friends and family.

So what did we want /need…..

No fuss!  – That just about sums us up. We wanted a relaxed feel that didn’t compete with the stunning backdrop of the location, and to reflect the beauty of the beach side location.

A touch of fairytale – Well, it is the most exciting day of your life after all. Nothing cheesy, just a little bit of magic!

Colour – The colours of the day we’d chosen were grey and purple

Lighting – The wedding started at 4pm, so we had to make sure we weren’t eating in the dark!

I shuffled around car boot sales, and shopped on gumtree and at wonderful little ramshackle ‘curio’ shops and bought bits as I went. There’s no doubt that the gathering of ‘materials’ was a very organic process, with each purchase shifting the balance slightly, so I had to be adaptable. But as with any building project, the key was a clear vision of the overall look and feel, and an understanding of the ‘needs’ that had to be fulfilled; once this is clear, the rest of the process will flow smoothly. Everything that was purchased was adapted and decorated to fit in with our vision. As each item was ‘created’ it was packed up and put in a container ready to be transported with the rest of our belongings over to Cairns.

We took a far more leisurely 7 weeks to arrive ‘home’, 1 week before our wedding day! It’s a pretty terrifying moment taking all the elements of a project, putting them all together for the first time (the day before ‘the day’), and seeing if you’ve been true to your vision and everything works together.

Well I think we pulled it off…it was certainly ‘us’, and of course, an evening of beauty and happiness. Got to love it when a plan comes together!!

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