A new lease on life

I love a creative project, and I can’t resist the challenge of rescuing a forgotten, unloved piece
(when I get time that is).

These beautiful chairs came out of a government building in Perth and were crying out to be reupholstered and have all the dark flaking lacquer removed to let the wood sing again. 60 hours of sanding and varnishing later and the rich colour of the jarrah was revealed, complemented by the new checked fabric. The purple suede side panels helped to add a more contemporary feel, and the result looks equally at home in a traditional federation home or a cool warehouse apartment.

This beautiful bentwood rocker was a speedier transformation and was a gift for my friend following the birth of her baby boy. Just a sand of the old flakey varnish, a few coats of paint that were then scuffed for a more aged feel and new boards, padding and fabric.