A small budget reno has a huge impact on value

A small budget reno has a huge impact on value

So, our best mate comes to us and says he wants to update and add value to his 3 bed block home in Perth. Of course the only stipulation was to add as much value as we could and spend as little as possible. This is music to my ears… I get to bargain hunt, and create as I go along! There were a number of areas that could have been tackled, but we decided to focus on the outdated bathroom and laundry, build in a wardrobe into the guest bedroom, re-tile the floor into the kitchen and re-jig the odd layout from the laundry into the kitchen.

The bathroom was given clean modern lines, by replacing all the fittings and re-tiling and adding a granite top to the new vanity.

The laundry was also completely ripped out and new tiles were laid which flowed into the kitchen. New lower and upper cabinetry created a usable space with a thick granite top to complete the modern look.

Over a period of a couple of weeks, I sourced the materials for just over $5000, and after a lot of hard graft by Piet, the remodel added a whopping $40,000 to the value of the property. We were all pretty chuffed with the result, I think we definitely earned a bottle of rum for this one!

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