A lot can happen in 6 months

A lot can happen in 6 months

Well it’s fair to say that we’ve been a bit busy over for the last 6 months.

We decided that they best way to demonstrate who Modern Rustic are, and show what we’re really capable of, was to build a display house. At this point we had no idea what style or design would take shape, we just knew that it would be a true reflection of us.

That was in October. In November we saw a block by the water in Trinity park with great potential. It was small, a difficult shape, and to make the most or its greatest asset, the upstairs view, was going to take some clever designing……. Perfect! We put in an offer the next day, and over the next two days we drew up plans, 3 versions later, we felt we’d nailed it, and then our offer got accepted. Wow…. here we go.

The next steps were to get our plans draughted, engineered and then sent in for council approval. The house slab was laid on New Years day (amazing effort by Scott and his concreting crew).

From that day on we worked our little socks off as we did the majority of the work ourselves, rather than getting trades in. We did have some help though as Damo and Des joined the Modern Rustic family…. never before have I heard the words ‘you’re not paying us for Saturdays, they’re free’ be uttered by supposed ’employees’. They have consistently smiled and taken such pride in every element of the build and we are definitely a team.

At the start of June we nervously opened our doors and we have been overwhelmed by the response, it seems Cairns is as excited by ‘different’ as we are. The best part about this entire build are the lessons we’ve learned and the new relationships that have been formed, particularly with our new clients, and we can’t wait to start their unique and exciting projects with them.

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