Cairns Modern Rustic Builders

About Piet and Vickie

We are Piet and Vickie Baxter, the husband and wife team behind Modern Rustic.
We set out with a simple vision for this company, to build inspiringly different homes,
that reflect the uniqueness of our clients.

Piet and Vickie Baxter

"Piet is one of the most hard working and driven people I have ever met, He has been building here in
 Cairns and around Australia for the past 20 years so he’s amassed a vast knowledge and understanding
 of the industry! I have ideas, and then before I know it, all the heavy lifting is done and he’s realised my vision. I’m very lucky to have such a handy hubby! We returned to Cairns together to be near family and pursue our dreams
 doing a job we love, not to mention going camping, fishing and exploring in
 this amazing place we call home."
"Vickie has a scientific degree, has run a zoo, is one of a handful of women qualified in rope access and
 non destructive testing, has worked on oil rigs around the world, and has traveled extensively. She is strong
 and independent with the warmest heart and her artistic vision and concepts are unique and have been drawn
 from her many life experiences. She will work with you to turn your ideas into a ‘feeling’ that
 will flow through your home."

As a couple, we are perfect compliments to each other’s passions. Together with the skills and talents of
the contractors, engineers, interior designers, architects and draughtys that have become friends over
years of working together, we make a pretty amazing team. We are very passionate and have a ‘down to earth’
attitude which results in individual projects with refreshing design, that work for you, and
make you feel at home.

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