Cairns Modern Rustic Builders

What we do

First and foremost we will ensure you are relaxed and confident throughout the entire process and thrilled with the outcome.

We ARE different, and our clients are different. If you want the same new builds that you see in every suburb then we’re probably not the company for you, but if you want a build that truly represents your unique aesthetic and embraces your lifestyle then keep reading.

But how are we different?

We do a limited number of selected projects a year, so that we can take the time to focus and clearly understand your needs and dreams. We spend time with our clients, we take you out to dinner to get to know you as individuals and as a family, and then we come to your place for coffee, to understand how you live. Where do you put your keys when you come home, which areas end up piled with ‘things’ because they have no home, how do you unwind after a days work?

Planning is the key to a successful build, and by really taking the time to listen and understand you, we can be sure that the build is stress free, with no nasty surprises. We are also adaptable; we understand that choosing finishes when you’re staring at plan on a piece of paper can be really difficult, so we build in flexibility into our contracts.

We encourage you to find materials that can be reclaimed or given an entirely new use. Who says that beautiful weathered decking boards can’t be spruced up to make a stunning feature wall. It is exactly the use of these items that will give your home warmth and character.

As Greensmart professionals, we consider construction materials and the orientation of your home, making the most of the prevailing winds, natural shading and minimising solar gain, resulting in increased energy efficiency and decreased energy bills. If you’re really green we can go right off the grid too

All it takes is a chat, a meeting, and you’ll know if we are the right people for you.

New Homes

Building a new home from scratch can seem like a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be, and
ultimately you get what you want. It’s all in the planning, which is time well spent to ensure your
vision is realised. It doesn’t matter what stage of the process you’re currently in, we can help get
you to the next one, whether you have your dream block and have no idea what to do with it, or whether
you have plans done and you’re ready to build. We understand the stresses and difficulties that can
occur at every stage, and that is why, as experienced builders, we can help guide you through these processes.

Summarised simply, building a new home can be broken down to a 6 Stage process

  1. Meet and get to know you
    By doing this thoroughly, we can assist you more easily with the other stages
  2. What to build?
    Deciding what to construct is a many faceted process. Simply put it comes down to the block,
    the budget and your wants and needs. Priority, and therefore finances,
    must be carefully assigned during this planning stage
  3. Finance
    Do you have pre-approval from your bank, are you cash ready. Your bank will need a signed building contract to approve your loan.
  4. Pre build Requirements
    Leave this all to us. From soil tests to plumbing applications and energy efficiency, we will ensure your home meets all regulations.
  5. Commence build
    This is the easy bit!
  6. After build support
    Don’t worry, we won’t just abandon you. 100% satisfaction is what we guarantee for all of our clients.

Need more info? Call us today and tell us what stage you are at and we will answer all of your questions, including the ones you didn’t know to ask.


Remodels & Additions

Whether you fancy a change, need alterations to suit your current lifestyle, or want to
add value to your property we can find you a solution.

We have completed so many renovations over the years from bathroom makeovers to complete
remodels and additions so we know how to maximise space and create a cohesive look between the old and the new.

The single most important step for you to do before work commences is to notify your insurer. During construction, if anything untoward happens, such as storm damage, you will not be covered unless they have been informed.

Town Houses

Modern Rustic will take your development goals and then help you to demystify Cairn’s residential building densities and assist you to calmly navigate the complex subdivision and building process.

Appreciating your work and family time pressures, we provide a stress free start-to-finish development service for investors and homeowners.

Specialising in turnkey home building for house behind a house (strata title), duplex, triplex and townhouse developments, we support you through each project stage: from vision and feasibility, concept and design, development approvals, financing, construction and finally to handover.

House behind your house (Strata title)

Have you considered the possibility of strengthening your current property portfolio by leveraging your existing property? If allowed under Cairns zoning laws, you could build an additional dwelling to convert your home into a smart investment.

And did you know that financing a house behind a house (rear strata) can be a less daunting process, as you are asking the banks to assist you in building upon your current address. This provides them with adequate collateral and a low-risk proposition.

The option to live in your current home and rent out the new dwelling, or live in the rear dwelling and rent out your home is a clear bonus. The flexibility of this plan offers you the opportunity to earn income as an investor while still living on the site.

Duplex, triplex Townhouse

Duplex, triplex and townhouse developments can yield a significant financial return allowing the Cairns property investor to maximise a site’s value, creating free equity in the process. As a general rule, the greater the number of houses built, the higher the profit margin for the block of land. However, multi unit strata development is a complex process, even when managed by a seasoned investor developer.

Planning a villa unit or townhouse development is an in-depth process. Once approvals are granted (and that can be a hurdle!) the challenges continue such as the logistics for subdivisions, power, sewage and water supply. Without thorough research and investigation, investors get trapped in a project management nightmare with potential profits vapourising. For this reason, many investors prefer the peace of mind that comes from partnering with Modern Rustic.

The property development process consists of 7 important stages

1. Property Development Feasibility Study
2. Establish your support team.
3. Site assessment and purchase
4. Design concept plans
5. Development approval and building permit
6. Project plan and concepts
7. Construction plan and handover

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